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Pedro Mir

Source: "Big" Dave Lemon,former writer for "The Northern Star" newspaper.

Pedro Mir retired from Miami Jai-Alai in 1975 at the age of 65.He recruited and coached most of the legends of the game,from the sport's "Golden Era" of the 1960's with stars like Churruca,Orbea,Guarita,Larrinaga and Bengoa,to the modern era when champions like Joey,Asis,Soroa,Bolivar and Elorrio were cheered on by thousands of fans every night.

Shortly after his retirement,the sport reached its zenith with 16 frontons operating in 4 states,and much of the credit could go to Pedro's tireless efforts to promote the game.
He continued to attend Miami Jai-Alai several times a month until his health began to fail in the mid-90's.

Those of us who knew him were regularly entertained by his vast knowledge and wealth of entertaining stories from jai-alai's colorful history.

Pedro passed away in Coral Gables on Dec 8th,1996 at the age of 86.This series,while covering a mere fraction of his thoughts and memories,is intended to share some of his legacy with those who love and respect the sport of jai-alai.

As Marty Fleischman put it simply,"Pedro was jai-alai."

This website is a tribute to David kelly aka "Thee Kellyaga" and Jack Carr

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