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2 Against 3 Partido Played in 2005 @ Miami

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Cancio:April edition of the Northern Star
Most recently I had Cancio on the show.JaiAlaiTV This guy has been around.A local boy,32 years old,was born and raised in Hialeah.He played in the Miami Amateur building at a young age,was a ball-boy for Miami Jai-Alai,then played for the smaller markets and even the Phillipines before coming back to the states to play for the big 2.He played in Miami for a period and now calls Dania his home.

He is a solid front court player with many shots to put you away with,but his best attribute is his love for the game.If he could play forever,he would welcome it with open arms.

The common trend I have realized after talking with and meeting all the players is that they all love the game.Like most of you,I have seen interviews of many professional atheltes in many professional sports.Many of them blatantly speak of their love of the money,fame or fortune.

To be a Jai-Alai player in our current day and age,those characteristics are not achievable.You do it beacuse of attribute that all of the great atheltes in all professional sports have,they love the game!

Additional articles in the April edition include Oyarbide,Urtaran,and Arregui...

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