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Lopez,"Triple Crown Winner" 2015 @ Miami

Iru Wins,but Lopez Shines

The following article was written by Todd Sorensen back in 2005.He was very high on Lopez and now everyone knows why!!

Iru Wins,but Lopez Shines
Imanol Lopez the 21 year old whiz kid,really showed why he just might be the best backcourt player alive very soon.Despite sixty fewer starts than Iru in the Doubles Championship game,this native of Zumaia,Spain finished only three games out of first place.While he still looks a little green at times,there's no doubt he's one of the most talented players on the planet.I think former Dania star and backcourt legend Atain said it best when he said Lopez has the talent to be a better player than he was.

Every time I watch Lopez perform I can see the improvement in his play.This guy has so many tools at his disposal it's unbelievable.As his confidence and comfort level develope,you will only see more and more of what he can do.Already at his age,(21) Lopez,has one of if not the best,rebote for a backcourter in all of professional Jai-Alai.His uncanny instincts let him both lay into the easier ones,and make the tough saves that most backcourters just can't.

One of the most important things on the Dania court is the picada,or the over the top throws.The fast court creates big bounces that can score a lot of points when thrown well.In many ways it was the key to Atain's success,as he threw the picada considerably better than any player in recent history.He could use it from almost anywhere on the court,and he could dictate what would happen in the match just by utilizing that one throw.

Lopez has the talent to throw the picada in Atain's league,but is still a ways a way from realizing that potential.A big part of a great picada throw is the confidence to throw it,not just the ability.Any hesitation in the throw causes it to be just plain normal.Lopez still throws the conventional forehand in many situations when he should be winning the point with his picada.Time will tell how long it will take him to realize that potential.

A good indicator of Lopez's confidence with the picada is in singles play.Lately he's been using it to great advantage,especially on the serve.The picada in a little easier to throw in singles because of the court spacing and the fact there is only one defender.A player who can use the picada in singles to keep their opponent on the back wall is going to win a lot of games.Atain rode his overhand to four Singles Championships.Lopez has already unleashed it to the effect of an almost 60% in the money in championship singles this winter season.

Photo courtesy of Bo Chambers June 28th,2015

#10 Lopez closes out his career at Miami Jai-Alai accomplishing the games most difficult feat.He has won the "Triple Crown" of Jai-Alai.Our congratulations go out to him.I wish him the very best in his future endeavors and I'm sure he will be successful whatever they may be.

NOTE: I chose this website to place this article so non-facebook members could read it as well as the general public.This is by no means a complete tribute.I will add video's more articles and photos in the near future..

This website is a tribute to David kelly aka "Thee Kellyaga" and Jack Carr

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